Unmotivational Posters is on Break in NYC


Be back Wednesday, you Motherf#$#ers!
(practicing my New York language skills) :)

Wisconsin Demotivational Posters


Pokemon Demotivational Posters


A Little Love for Our Sister Site: Kittens Puppies and Cupcakes (Cute Stuff)


 There's a lovely young lady that's just started blogging and
collecting cute images from around the web,
and we want to give our new sister site a shout-out: 

Kittens Puppies and Cupcakes - Super Cute Pictures!
If you don't like Kittens, Puppies, or Cupcakes, then congratulations,
you're a (heartless bastard/\b\tard/terminator)!

Visit her site, comment, and Subscribe to her RSS feed!

If you don't. no promises as to what happens to these puppies.
This kitten may be spared, though. Or maybe not- IT'S ON YOU.

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My Favorite Stand Up